EUSD proudly holds the honor of having the first CCOF certified organic farm owned by a public school district in the nation. We grow on a 3/4 acre permanent bed system and have integrated orchards and native gardens. We supply over 12k pounds of organic produce annually for salad bars and scratch made lunch items at all nine schools.  You can learn more about our farm to school program here.

As we've grown, we've shifted from traditional organic farming practices to a full regenerative agriculture model.  We received our Real Organic Project certification in 2021. The use of compost, mulch, cover crop and low till practices have turned what was once fill dirt into healthy, living soil. The way we farm produces more nutrient rich food and sequesters higher levels of carbon than traditional farming methods. We are literally mitigating climate change by how we grow food for student lunches. Learn more about regenerative farming here.

Other environmental benefits include no packaging, minimal processing, and our produce only travels 2.3 miles to the central kitchen. The farm provides nutrient rich produce, supports healthy eating habits, and minimizes the district's carbon footprint.

Any harvest overages are donated to food insecure families via community food banks and resource centers.

Real Organic Project