Learner Profile Infographic

Farm Lab is a 10-acre property that houses multiple components that support health and wellness and enviro-literacy.  The project supports EUSD's six learner profile competencies: Confident collaborator, skilled communicator, global citizen, wellness advocate, innovative thinker, and empowered learner. 

Farm Lab is home of EUSD's certified organic farm that feeds into our nationally recognized farm-to-school program. The regenerative agriculture practices utilized have awarded us Real Organic Project Certification; we are doing our part to build soil health that sequesters higher levels of carbon and therefore mitigate climate change by how we grow food for student lunches.

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Farm Lab is also home to the DREAMS Campus (Design, Research, Engineering, Art, Math and Science) that provides sustainability education to all 4800 EUSD students. We model design thinking, the integration of indoor and outdoor education, and 4PBL (Project, Place, Problem & Phenomena-based learning) rooted in Next Generation Science Standards for all visitors.

Farm Lab also boasts two additional innovative learning spaces, designed FOR kids BY kids, that allow teachers to utilize Farm Lab for farm-to-table nutrition experiences or their own extension projects.

The property also has several community meeting spaces that can be used for district, public, and private events. To learn more about facility use options, click here.